What is EXODE?

EXODE is a science-fiction universe represented by a playable video game and a blockchain currency. It is planned to expand later with more entertainment media among which are novels, boardgames and a TV series project. You can learn more about it on it's creators blog, its wiki, or from video tutorials by other players, and our Discord server. GAME CONCEPT

The main focus of EXODE is to give:a highly interactive, highly immersive, and entirely unique experience.

EXODE features a strong and compelling theme and an original approach to space colonization and massively multiplayer strategy RPGs. Players are space captains placed at a unique moment in history, with mankind being slaughtered by aliens. They will prepare their ship, their crew and try to survive evacuation while customizing their games with their own unique assets. After jumping to the new galaxy, the surviving captains will discover their new, unique planet, and research and produce new items called colony assets. There is one feedback we often get.

One feedback making us proud.

It comes from players saying:

this is a game like no other.

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