NFT Ownership

EXODE grants ownership of digital assets to players, in the form of currencies, collectible cards and assets they can produce and use. EXODE NFTs are usually represented by cards but also include other very diverse NFTs such as planets, designs, coordinates or maps or licenses, and other ownerships collectable by players. The first step of ownership is usually accessing a pack such as a starter or booster pack. Once opened, this pack gives a number of cards, which are all NFTs on the blockchain. The blockchain is used to broadcast this ownership in a way that is decentralized, distributed and public and which cannot be altered retroactively. Thanks to it, players permanently own digital assets and can collect and trade them. EXODE video game currently broadcasts and operates on the HIVE blockchain. HIVE is transaction free and processes new blocks every 3 seconds with extreme efficiency thanks to the servers of its witnesses. EXODE itself runs a witness server with its creator, Elindos Phar.

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