Expert Articles

EXPERT ARTICLES Expert articles explore specific actions or topics in depth.

About Deck Construction: "How to Exode: Deck Building", by VeryanPrime. "Exode: A Collectible Space Colonization Strategy Game" , by Proto26. (actually covers every section)

About Cargo: "How to Exode: Cargo Selection", by VeryanPrime.

About Evacuation: "How to Manage your Shields", by Digital-Wisdom. "Evacuation Commands"(wiki article) by Elindos.

About Colonization: "EXODE Habitats", by Blockmonster. "All Habitats", by Blockmonster.

About Software: "Software Gotchas", by Digital-Wisdom.

About Starships: "EXODE Spacecrafts", by Blockmonster.

About Weapons: "All Weapons", by Blockmonster.

About Vehicles: "All Vehicles", by Blockmonster.

About Character backgrounds: "How to Exode: Backgrounds", by VeryanPrime. "EXODE Universe, and 21 Worlds your characters can come from", by Elindos.

MARKET ANALYSIS These articles are specific indepth analysis of market trends, supply and demand.

Guide about upgradable cards and anticipation of supply and demand: "Time to Upgrade your Cards", by Eyebroo.

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