Immersive PVE

We focus on giving you an immersive sci-fi atmosphere. But in addition to atmosphere, all aspects of PVE (Player Versus Environment) are a strong aspect in EXODE. We made a game in which PVE has a dynamic profile, adapted to your unique planet and characters. In addition to your own decisions and important dynamic events, we add the real threat of aliens, with them capable of endangering the game of any player. Alien AI will be more and more dynamic, with them processing clues about your current location thanks to what you left during Scanning and Colonization. We also add to players the mysteries of a new galaxy to discover, and the features of your own unique planet. We add to this the challenge of making your new colony survive. This is where your strategic decision in face of dynamic situations will shine. All that ties up together in what we envision as a unique player experience with your generated characters, planet, and decisions weaving your very own personal story. EXODE is to become your own space adventure!

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