Alliance projects

ALLIANCE PROJECTS Alliance projects are unique features available to Alliances only. Alliances can invest some of their activity points (called Alliance Points, or APs) to unlock their first project slot. First projects will usually begin with buildings, which once completed will help the alliance gather new materials, receive new mission packages with rewards, or receive minor bonuses to its members. Other projects could expand the alliance with more member slots, or transform existing member slots into specific roles with specialized bonuses in materials they generate for the Alliance itself. Such as specializing several slots as "Research Specialist" slots, which generate more alliance "research materials" when they complete a research ingame. Continuing on the path of more important projects (and choosing its progression among several options) the alliance will then continue with more important endeavours: - Such as a Market Node in the new galaxy, allowing captains to trade resources in and out of this node with faster and cheaper transportation, also receiving a customized market fee in the process if the node is open to non-members ; or allowing manual transportation made easily between member colonies. - Or unlocking an Alliance fleet slot, an Alliance fleet will act in the world of 2325, with every member contributing their individual Evacuation Fleet to it. Please see our article about Evacuation Fleets to learn more about this feature! - Or adding Alliance stores, or production of new tradable cards (minted rarely, but customized to a point), - Or more options even, which will be implemented later. It is envisioned that the most ambitious and prevalent Alliances will ultimately become like player made factions, with their own traits given to generated characters of Alliance members. WHEN WILL ALLIANCE PROJECTS BE MADE AVAILABLE? The first Alliance projects will be made available before the end of EXODE alpha, and before introducing beta.

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