Delivery Page

DELIVERY PAGE Your account delivery page is automatically created when you receive an EXODE account (usually when successfully purchasing a starter). This page has a simple and clear layout with a lot of information about your packs and cards. It is currently hosted at the following url: ... replacing XXX with your current HIVE account name. The delivery page mentions:

- if this account exists on EXODE, - if this account has referrals, - if this account has been referred by someone, - if this account has received his/her referral bonuses, - and all current packs and single cards held by this, along with their NFT ids. CHECKING YOUR PURCHASE STATUS It is called a delivery page because when you purchase any EXODE content this is usually where you can see if your purchase has been processed. HIVE has transactions every 3 seconds but we have a robot scanning purchase orders usually every two minutes, which means you have anything between 3 and 120 seconds to wait, in most cases. Paypal transactions however, in some rare cases, still require manual validation.

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