No Gang-up PVP

COMPETITIVE, BUT WITHOUT DIRECT PVP The game is competitive but not pvp-destructive. This means pvp is basically not allowed ingame. This is part of our policy of being fair to all players, which is revealed in more details in our Game Manifesto. We believe this is of critical importance in a game where players can invest into NFTs and collections. AGAINST 'GANG-UP' PVP EXODE has longterm gameplay which works better without players plundering everyone's planet in the short term. If players would attack each other with their NFTs this would lead directly to switching to a strong power-play aspect and favoring Pay2Win situations, in addition to encouraging gang-up activity and multiplying attacks on newcomers who invested in their resources. This will ultimately limit the potential of players, and determine it in accordance to their paying but also ganging potential, and can become extremely frustrating to any individual coming into the game. These are phenomenons which we see are too present and not addressed properly in other games of the same genre, that is the reason why we are determined to do it differently in EXODE. BUT WITH SPECIAL ARENAS While preventing PVP situations we would find destructive, we really appreciate the possibility of fighting opponents in a balanced environment and training yourself for battle. We have plans to release specific Arenas, called "Simulators", to allow people to fight each other in space or make their character teams engage in a simulator battle. This gameplay will not harm the longterm objectives and resources of players and will be new means of having fun in the world of EXODE! And Arenas will have their rewards and rankings, too.

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