Staking: Evacuation Fleets

EVACUATION FLEETS EVACUATION FLEETS are used in the world of 2325. As mankind is escaping, you can delegate some of your assets to the war and evacuation effort. Evacuation Fleets are account owned assets which can be equipped with cards from this account, to mint new resources on a regular basis from various Evacuation Missions. Evacuation Fleets can usually receive Origin cards, Ship cards, Escort cards and Crew cards. Escort cards will be especially powerful in this area. Some civilian evacuation fleets can even receive Citizen cards and Cargo. Once equipped, the evacuation fleet can be deployed to a Mission area. This area will also announce how much time is required there to mint new resources, and the strategic score of your fleet thanks to the cards that compose it and the profile of this area.. Depending on the area picked, the events rolled by server, and the profile of your fleet (and card traits), you will be able to "mint" more resources when the event reaches its end timer. Resources can include consumable cards, bound cards and non-bound cards (which can be sold), currencies and account-wide bonuses. Once the Mission is complete, you will then be able to adjust your Fleet, and commit it to another place if you prefer, or leave it there if the Mission continues. Note that cards placed in Evacuation Fleets cannot be listed on market and usually have a cooldown if you "remove them" from staking. The Evacuation Fleets feature is planned for being deployed and available to all accounts in 2021.

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