Character Investigation

Character Investigation is the process by which a previously generated character is displayed to the player. Some values are then known, and some are unknown. Theme-wise, this is when as a captain you have the opportunity to review your crew members. Gameplay-wise, this is a scene where you have a chance to reveal generated skill values, organize your strategy, and improve some generated skills.

The player can spend points from a pool called "The Investigation Pool" to reveal values, and points from a pool called "The Bonus Points Pool" to increase values. Known Values: For every character, the player knows this character's name and his/her 3 best skill values. Unknown Values: Character background, early life, personality and all other skill values are all unknown.

INVESTIGATION POOL At the start of the Investigation Phase and for the entire game, the player will receive a number of Investigation Points. This number is of 35 plus a number of points related to the number of cards in this deck which have an Investigation trait. Points can be spent to reveal values, according to the following options:

  • Spend 1 investigation point and reveal this character's background and early life.

  • Spend 1 investigation point and reveal the next part of this character's personality (personality is organized into 3 parts, as explained in Character Personality).

  • Spend 1 investigation point and reveal a random skill value.

  • Spend 3 investigation points and directly reveal a target skill, chosen from the skill discovery bar at the bottom of the screen.

BONUS POINTS POOL During the Investigation Phase, the player can spend a number of bonus Points to increase the value of any revealed skill. This number of available Bonus Points is of <font color='cyan'>...</font> plus ... bonus points related to the number of cards in this deck. There is a maximum to the number of Bonus Points a player can spend on the same character. This maximum is defined by: ... . Once this maximum is reached, the player can no longer increase any skill value for this character. The player can spend 1 bonus point to increase a skill value by 1, and can continue to do so until he has no bonus point left or the maximum number of points has been spent for this character.

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