Reasons for a Detailed System

The planet generation process is extremely detailed to ensure that every planet remains unique and to organize supply and demand. Here are some of the reasons justifying the objectives of the PGS program: - A Planet is a player owned content NFT and has value. This value must be organized with scarcity and supply and demand of specific values. Ensuring planet diversity, is ensuring scarcity of specific unique templates and ensuring minted planets are always valuable and resistant to basic deflation. Ensuring planet reserves exist, are unique (not really scalable) and are limited in quantity, ensures scarcity of specific elements. This in turn makes sure that supply and demand remains dynamic, evolving and interesting. This will be detailed further in a new chapter, the Detailed Tokenomics of EXODE. - A Planet is an explorable content and also an event generation system. A planet represents, with space exploration itself, most of the day-to-day PVE content of EXODE. As such, many events should be related to the uniqueness of the planet to ensure that every game can be different. - A Planet is part of the unique experience. EXODE is a unique experience, and the player owned planets are a great representation of this experience itself. It is as such a high priority content. No work could be considered too extreme as long as it ensures the longterm success of the planet concept.

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