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YOUR COLLECTION PAGE In addition to a delivery page, your account has access to a number of account services including a graphical Collection Page. Your Collection Page is a public place where you will usually perform market transactions in EXODE, on the HIVE side, meaning this is where you can list your cards to market and purchase cards from other players. CONNECTING TO YOUR COLLECTION PAGE Your collection page can be accessed by logging in, which is done from current website ( ). To do that, you will also need to have keychain installed on your browser. Keychain is a very useful and secured tool, used to make sure you don't have to send any private key to any third party. You can install keychain here from the official plugin developer. If you have any question about this process, you can ask us on our Discord. USING YOUR COLLECTION PAGE Once logged in, you will be able to browse your current collection using the filters present onscreen. you can click on a card or pack to display possible actions on it. The collection page is displayed by default by "Grouping" all cards and packs with the same template. This is good for an account overview, but usually when performing actions you will prefer to ungroup them and select individual cards or packs. To do this, and switch to individual display of cards and packs, you should click on the GROUPED button, which will automatically ungroup all of them. ENABLING DESKTOP NOTIFICATIONS The collection page also allows you to access a number of services by clicking on your GAME menu in the upper right. One of these services is "enabling desktop notifications". Once enabled, market transactions will report notifications to you once your actions have been initiated, and once they have been processed. DETAILED SEARCH You can also use the SEARCH feature: - to search for a specific NFT (mentioning any part of its id), - to search for a specific card title, - or to search for any card matching a search tag. For instance Tom Settler cards have a "tom" search tag, Rekatron weapons have a "rekatron" search tag, and Syndicate drops have a "syndicate" search tag. MARKET ACTIONS

Your Collection page allows you to perform a number of market actions, detailed here. LAUNCHING A NEW GAME Your collection page can be used to launch a new game! To do that, please click on the GAME button in the upper right corner, and then Access your Colonization Portal or Launch Alpha 2.

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