3rd party tools

HIVE-TOOLS Hive-tools by @cryptoriddler has interesting features about EXODE, such as:

  • Seeing freshly delivered cards on server,

  • Exploring your personal collection,

  • Checking highscores

  • ... and certainly more features coming later!

His tools are used a lot to check what you just opened in your packs!


Tyrnis has implemented several automated scripts connected to our Discord. A "Minting Robot" regularly publishes updates about new cards being minted. We use it to check who got the nice Elites, Epics and Legendaries on server. A "Market Robot" checks new listings and purchases by players. It is very useful to check latest values and market activity. You can see both of them active on our Discord! Tyrnis also calculated unofficial mint numbers thanks to blockchain broadcasts.

Content of this page will be added later. Please come back soon for more information on this topic!

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