Player Guides

ONBOARDING (and getting your packs)
Player guides about Evacuation: "How to Exode: Evacuation" , by VeryanPrime. "Equipping and Defending your Crew during EVAC", by Beik47.
Player guides about Everything: "​Exode: A Collectible Space Colonization Strategy Game​" , by Proto26.
Player guides about Evacuation and Scanning: "How to get your Planet", by Kobusu.
In addition to Player Guides, VeryanPrime also recorded videos to explain EXODE: "Exode Evacuation Explanation", by VeryanPrime.
Slabakbg, a top scoring pilot, created a channel to help people understand EXODE. EXODE Tutorials by Slabakbg, which includes guides about Evacuation: