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Alpha Planet NFT

During alpha players are able to acquire a specific kind of NFT, called an Alpha Planet.

Unlike cards, this NFT is a game asset with thousands of attributes.

The player has access to some of them right away, but will reveal more and more as he progresses in testing. This planet also becomes a special kind of playground for the player. All the next steps in testing (colonization for instance) will be done on it.

During testing, the planet NFT is a bound asset. The player can check it on his colonization portal and check the data he already revealed about it.

Once testing ends, the planet will become a new kind of permanent NFT. It will be customized by the progression the player had on his planet and the type of his planet.

The bound planet will drop weekly rewards to the its owner, a bit like regular contracts such as Tom Settler, Syndicate and Rekatron Contracts.

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