Freedom and Cooperation

A COOPERATIVE EXPERIENCE ... but one which wants to respect your freedom too.

Players live their own adventure and gather their own resources on their own unique planet. They are free, independent gamers, with nothing else to do than to enjoy their own game! Nevertheless, the game setting, the harsh survival conditions and the permanent alien threat invites cooperation. Moreover, the unique experience a player has, the events he encounters, the mysteries he uncovers and the Legacy Rewards he gets after a long game are all nice boons to share with friends and a community. And the player also has unique resources to discover on his own planet, and unique designs he creates! For all these unique reasons we consider EXODE has a strong built-in cooperation model not only in terms of player made economy, but also of positive news to share, or events where people can actually save your colony and act as heroes. But we did not want to stop here. In addition to this built-in cooperation, we also worked on four additional monumental features. You may read further to discover more information about Player Squadrons, or Player Alliances and their Alliance projects. Or you may continue to read about valuation and assets by getting to the section about NFT Ownership!

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