Player Squadrons

PLAYER SQUADRONS Player Squadrons is a first layer of cooperative features. It is aimed at inviting your friends and sharing the space epic and fun adventure with them. We are gamers ourselves. We consider multiplayer as a favored place but which also greatly benefits from epicness, but also interaction quality, and the uniqueness of moments you can share together. Repetitivity and grind are not what we would like to insist on here, but rather an incentive to participate together to something new. We envision this feature as a great way of creating a lasting, positive memory; by sharing unique elements on your planet, trading with each other and supporting each other in a new experience. WHO IS THIS FOR? Player Squadrons is for a group of active players who can interact with each other nicely and sometimes in detail. It works best if they have different collections and capabilities, but also if they have synergies together. It can continue being effective if some members are temporarily away, though it works best with all members active at times! SOME FEATURES Player Squadrons allow you to invite your friends and team up with them. 1) You can create a Player Squadron and give it a name.

2) One player (the creator) automatically becomes Squadron Leader.

3) Your Player Squadron will receive additional tasks and quests with rewards, just like your account does in its Colonization Pass.

4) Your Player Squadron will also gather up "Squadron Points" thanks to the activity of each of its members.

5) Squadron Points can be used to unlock more "mission packages" and receive new mission and progression systems for your Squadron. 6) Squadron Points can also be used to unlock more Squadron slots, gather more Settler Points, or unlock passive temporary bonuses for all accounts of this Squadron.

7) Unique planets of squadron members will be generated closer to each other. CURRENT STATUS The feature was already pre-released during alpha and made available as a ways to invite other captains! It was released pretty bare-bones as of now. It will receive its progression system and traits system in a later alpha update. The reason is that we don't want to unlock its features too soon, to avoid giving any advantage to multi-accounts. This means even being able to make a Player Squadron and use its benefits will be reserved to accounts with a real separate and distinct activity.

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