Staking and DeFi

In addition to Liquidity options, Staking is allowed since the very early time of EXODE thanks to the introduction of a new concept with Contract Cards. Other very immersive staking options are planned with the option to Stake Evacuation Fleets and alliance staking projects. Some investment options include : - EXOFUEL, a currency with many uses in the world of EXODE. (planned for 2021) - CONTRACT CARDS, an original implementation of staking, available since 2020. Current contracts are: Rekatron Weapon Drops, Tom Settler "We Are Premium Buddies", and Syndicate Sponsorship. Contracts drops new cards every week to whoever holds it. Their drops is part of a unique drop table, meaning these cards can't be found aside from this contract. They also can store up to 3 weeks of content, in case of absence! - EVACUATION FLEETS, a strategic bundle of ships and crew that a player creates and stakes in the world of 2325. Evacuation Fleets have a score depending on their profile and the mission you stake them against, and will give you various rewards including cards, currencies and account-wide benefits. (planned for 2021) - ALLIANCE FLEETS, which expand the utility of individual fleets to alliance cooperation. (planned for 2021) - STARBASE OWNERSHIP, where you try to control a percentage of the total starbase, and can use it for governance and minting resources when players play there. (planned for 2022)

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