Pricing is done in USD to make sure your offer gives you a stable reference value which is unaffected by cryptocurrency moves. This basically means, if you purchase something for 5 USD, that listing it for 6 USD will never give you something less. The person pays in HIVE coins, which is an important aspect as well, as you still store cryptocurrency currencies when they do it, ensuring you still are present in the crypto valuation scene. They pay at the moment of their purchase, according to the conversion in USD. We use the HIVE blockchain and its provability for all ownership transactions. HIVE coins are exchanged between players for their digital content. This means if you list for 6 USD, you'll get 6 USD of cryptocurrency coins, meaning you'll get more coins or less coins but always a 6 USD value. It has another important consequence which means that holding on your collection is not holding on a cryptocurrency total but holding on a USD total, and makes you able to see your USD valuation directly thanks to increasing prices from the game natural supply and demand. Your EXODE collection is also unaffected from other events happening on the cryptocurrency itself or minting or dumping of currency happening in other games. Basically, this means EXODE valuation is strongly related to EXODE content itself, which helps us also in analyzing if we are doing our job right. This pricing method means you should be able to rest on your two ears, with cards and packs purchased taking USD value naturally as more and more game features are released and more players come!

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