Player Market

MARKET ACTIONS Market actions are performed from your Collection Page. They can be performed on Packs and on Single Cards at the moment. PACK ACTIONS Actions which can be performed on a pack are usually: - to SELL it (listing it to market), - to TRANSFER it (sending it to another HIVE account which also has an EXODE account), - or OPEN it. Note: Opening is an action available on Contract Packs, but also on Boosters. Note #2: Boosters are destroyed (burned) when opening them, whereas Contracts just give you access to their latest drops if drops have been stored meanwhile. SINGLE CARD ACTIONS Actions which can be performed on single cards are: - to SELL it (listing it to market), - to TRANSFER it (sending it to another HIVE account which also has an EXODE account), - and some cards also allow to UPGRADE it by burning duplicate copies. Upgrades allow you to pick individual stats to increase with each upgrade, thus making your card with a unique profile of your choosing. ACCESSING PLAYER MARKET If you want to purchase cards from other players, you should scroll back to the top of your page and click on "STARBASE MARKET" in the upper left part of your screen. The starbase market is used in the same way as your collection filters, but displays cards currently listed by other players. It is strongly advised to "ungroup" cards and packs before placing a purchase.In fact, the default behavior of starbase market is usually to do it for you when you access it. This is because placing a grouped purchase do not filter individual items by price, whereas you can by using the ungrouped mode pick the cards you would like. MASS TRANSACTIONS Mass transactions were added to all market features and allow you to select several cards for one action by clicking on the "+" sign near said action. It will create a "basket" with the cards or packs you selected. Once done, you can click on this basket to proceed with the transaction. Mass transactions usually result in one memo for every item to process, to make sure each is processed separately by server. As a result, you should expect about 5 seconds per item to be processed. MARKET PROCESSING TIME HIVE transactions are processed every 3 seconds but our current market robot processes tickets every 2 minutes. In addition, if you use mass transactions, the system will queue one item every 5 seconds, which means that batching 100 market transactions together will get you into a nearly 10 minutes queue. This alpha process will be further refined in beta, with several robots and an optimized queue.

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