ALLIANCES Alliances are a second layer of cooperative features, binding together groups of 15+ people under a common flag, but also objectives. Alliances aim to be an enjoyable experience with a part of our community and fun competition versus other Alliances. It is also a great place to find and share knowledge, newly discovered secrets, or just news of your planets and new researched products. WHO IS THIS FOR? New players can come to alliances to find a new brotherhood (or sisterhood) that will welcome them and give them information about the game, just like expert players can join them to give sense, depth and objectives to their commitment. SOME FEATURES 1) You can request EXODE authorities to create a new Alliance for you and give it your name, tag and description. (this feature will be possibly open to all during beta). You will become Alliance Leader.

2) You can invite new players, or in case your alliance is public (which is the default option), people can join immediately! New alliances are limited to 15 members, but you will be able to unlock more slots later.

3) Your Alliance will receive weekly objectives. Completing them will get your alliance to the next layer of objectives.

4) Your Alliance also has access to an "Alliance Inventory", with materials acquired from completing your objectives, and contributed by its members. 5) One of the biggest endeavours of your Alliance will be your Alliance Project: you can pick only one until you complete it. Please check the Alliance projects article to learn more! 6) Your Alliance and alliance members will also gather up "Alliance Points" which can be spent in different ways, such as unlocking more member slots, unlocking new Alliance Powers or investing into Alliance Projects. 7) The progression path of an alliance should ultimately allow it to become like a "player made faction", with a new trait given to their characters and bonuses (and flaws) the Alliance will customize.

8) Unique planets of alliance members will also be generated closer to each other. In case of someone being member of a Player Squadron and of an Alliance, the player will pick the rule of proximity he prefers to apply. CURRENT STATUS The alliance feature was already pre-released during alpha, allowing basic recruitment of members (point 1 and 2 above). This will be further expanded during alpha and beta, with features above and more, such as inbox and messaging features, to help leader and officers promote their activity.

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