Investing: Contract Packs

CONTRACT PACKS CONTRACT PACKS are special packs purchased from shop (or, if the shop offer expired, from players) which grant you a lifetime bonus: they mint new cards regularly, and add them to your collection. This is a unique EXODE feature which is very interesting in game economy, as: 1. The new cards drop freely every week, 2. The new cards can be traded, 3. And the contract card itself gains interest and value thanks to contract scarcity: there is a very low number of contracts compared to player population. It is also very thematic with cards minted according to the Contract you hold (colony resources for Tom Settler, weapons and ammunition for Rekatron Weapon Drops, and diverse criminal resources for Syndicate Sponsorship). Taking Contract Cards is an innovative approach to decentralized finance, with funds staked in the form of a collection asset. This collection asset, called a Contract Card, can be traded to other players, and has a number of original features tied to it, detailed above. You can invest in them and trade them later, with them usually taking value thanks to the feature they give and their unique drop table. All contract cards are indeed exclusive and with their exclusive drop tables. Some rare, epic cards, and legendary cards, such as The Kumicho, are exclusive to Contracts and can only be dropped with them. Please note that contract cards can also store up to 3 weeks of drops, in case a player forgets to take them for some time.

See our Wiki Article for more information about contract packs!

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