EXODE acts as an authority to recognize validity of assets which participate in its game interface. This enables trusted accounts and NFT assets to be used ingame and protects players against many kinds of unfair abuse such as pirated assets. The blockchain itself guarantee lifetime ownership of EXODE assets, but ownership alone does not make the interactivity and reliability of a game entertainment. The game also has a strong policy against bots and multiaccounts, detailed further in the valuation and player ownership policy and insured both in technicity and design. EXODE also regularly publishes broadcasts along with public information on its broadcasted contents, which in turn, also allows for Blockchain Replay. Blockchain Replay is the process by which you can decide to read the blockchain from a point up to another, and replay it up until that point, guaranteeing safety of ownerships in the trusted environment. Sharing information about Blockchain Replay means that any developer can have enough clarity to restore EXODE services, if inclined to do so and felt acceptable by EXODE owners. The trusted environment, the easiness to make a blockchain replay and repair any situation, and the valuation policy, are strong elements to guarantee longterm success of a blockchain game and which also protect the game and players from all kinds of harmful actions.

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